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Slow down to find magic

April 2019

How often aren’t we focussed on our destination, on the hills we need to climb and we feel the tightness of that focus in our brain? But instead of being agile, it leaves us fragile. We need to make space to slow down. We need to take space. We must honour slowing down as the time in which the real magic happens. 

The plan for today was to do a brainstorm. Get creative. Gather ideas. But my head is full. That so wanted 'storm' is blurring my vision. I feel stuck. I am inside. Stuck inside, my mind fixed.
Time to open up.
I need the fresh air, to feel the breeze. To connect with nature to connect with me. So I leave my work and head out, into the forest. The first part is tough. My legs feel as heavy as my head, the path uphill seems steeper than last time I was there. I feel my heart pounding, my face locked in a grimace, my eyes look down to find the way my feet need to go. I hear the heavy breathing ringing in my ears. But after a while it shifts. I shift. I can let go of the storm.


The shift brings silence. The silence of my thoughts. The silence of my surroundings. I notice how my feet carry my body, lift me. My face muscles relax. My brain muscles relax. I can now look up, and look around. I see where I am and start to sense what is here, in presence.

The silence then shifts to awareness. I hear birds sing. I notice the sound of last night’s raindrops leaving their trees and falling further down. I can even hear the changing of the season, by listening to the water that was snow only a little while ago and now finds its way down to the ocean. I can feel that change of the seasons too, with the sensation of the warmth of the sun on one side of my cheek, and the crisp cold of early April mornings on the other. With that opening up of my senses, I am connected again. Connected to my heart and body, with nature, with my surroundings ánd with my destination. I can now let new inspiration come. Clear. Intense. Powerful.

The silence shifts to awareness. 
Clear. Intense. Powerful.

In life and leadership we need to be able to let go, before we can let come. Sometimes a hike in the forest is enough to tap into our greater consciousness, other times we need more than that to re-sync with ourselves and our purpose. How often aren’t we focussed on the destination, on the hills we need to climb or on the tightness of our focus and our brain? While feeling pressure to make things work we try to move forward by working even harder, by holding on tighter, by sticking to the plan that was made. But instead of being agile, it makes us fragile. So whether it is with a walk, by meditating, by taking on coaching, by organizing multiple day team gatherings or something totally different, we need to create space to slow down. We need to take space. And with taking that space we should not judge it as ineffective time, or as standing still. We must honour slowing down as the time in which the real magic happens. 

When slowing down we;

- access elevated awareness and (re)fresh perspective

- access our deeper knowing by combining wisdom from the heart, mind and body

- open up to deeper conversations and make meaningful connections

- gain clarity in complexity

- open up to opportunities or solutions that are wanting to happen

- make better decisions and move faster and more intentional 


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