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On the bridge

The magic of being 'in between'

January 2019

There we go, off into the distance. The past year I have been on the bridge, en route, in between. Now it is time to set foot on the other side. The path will continue. It will emerge as I walk on.

A bit over a year ago we moved our family from The Netherlands to Canada. Our dream to experience a family adventure came true. With that move came also the decision for me to quit my job and to step into the unknown. On purpose and with purpose. I decided it was a perfect time to stay in that ‘unknown’ for a while.  

Finding comfort in the discomfort of being 'in between'

Being ‘in between’, the liminal phase, is often an underestimated period in transition. We prefer to go from A to B speedy and without to much hassle. Bumps in the road, blockages, delays - it is all very inconvenient. The same feeling often arises in personal or organizational development. However, instead of getting to the other side as fast as possible and with a fixed roadmap, we might consider seeing this phase in transformation as the one where the true shift happens. If we pay real attention to all that shows up in between, instead of trying to fix the problems on our road, we might find something way more powerful. In fact, we might even arrive at our destination faster. And stronger than ever before.

So I was ‘in between’. I felt restless at times, eager to get out of this not knowing. Often people would ask me what I was going to do - now - next. But I stayed in between. I listened to the voices coming from my head, heart and gut. It gave me a clear perspective of my own added value to this world. 


Today, I launch this website. En Route is born. Most of all I launch my professional face, my story. I show you what I believe in, what I stand for. I share what warms my heart and what get’s me going strong and with passion. 

I believe in being en route for so many reasons. It is why I travel, it is why we moved abroad. And it is why I love facilitating change. This is En Route.

> Move ahead intentionally, one step followed by another.
> Move with purpose. You don’t have to know the exact route to arrive where you are going.
> Be in between, and seize that liminal phase to transition from what was to what comes.
> Open your heart. Look and listen for new perspectives.
> Be with the unexpected before you judge it. You never know what shows up on your path but it will always lead you somewhere.
> To trust your gut is the best advice for travelers.


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