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When you are En Route all you have to do is look around and follow the signs

En Route we find

Coaching, sharing thoughts, mentoring, guiding. We can all use someone that walks along with us sometimes. Maybe you feel lost, maybe you'd like support finding your direction or you could use reflection on the experiences you have on your travels.

With En Route you will find an experienced travel partner. You will use our moments to be present, to turn inwards and find your grounding. To become aware of what is out there waiting for you and to be coureagous to decide on your road ahead. The road that fits you and the situation you are in.

Life coaching

There is so much in life, so much to keep up with and so many roles to fulfill. At times it can be hard to find your balance  and to live your life in presence. You are stuck in your mind, in time or in expectations.  Life coaching will help you to (re)find the balance between what you think and what you feel deep inside. Between ideal and actual. It will help you regain a clear view of where you want to be and of what is holding you back. It will help you get unstuck and back on the road.

Personal discovery

'Aim for the sky. Design your own life'. That's what they say and yet,
 you can't help to wonder if 'this is it'. You find yourself struggling to find your purpose. Whether you are at a crossing in work or life, or you feel that you need to pause and reflect before moving on; in this personal discovery coaching you will explore the voices coming from your heart, your gut and your mind. Learning to listen to the wisdom of these 3 together will show you your destination. 

Coaching on topic

There you are, all eyes are on you to show the way. To be the guide. At times, it can be scary or lonely to be leading change, leading teams and to find your way in todays complex environments. Maybe it is time for your own sherpa. Someone you can share your thoughts and your challenges with. To share your intuition, reflect on your roadmap and decide on forks in the road ahead. Having an extra set of experienced eyes on the road will create a broader view.


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