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The quality of time spent En Route will influence how you arrive at your destination 

En Route we shift

When we solely focus on our destination we will arrive with the same state of mind, the same state of being. We will truely transform if we pay attention to the 'in between', because that is where the magic happens.

With En Route you will work on making that shift. Together with your team and individually. I will design workshops, programs and other interventions as needed for your situation. Let's hit the road! 

Training and workshops

New skills, refreshers or mindblowing insights. Deep learning starts with  experiencing.  

Having lectured at universities, spoken at conferences and trained incompany for many years you are guaranteed with high interaction and lots of discoveries. 

Large group interventions

Gather thoughts, hear eachother, see eachother and let combined wisdom emerge.

My years of experience with working with groups will ensure you of fitting interventions with visible impact. Not always the highway, but backroads are more beautiful.

Leadership development program

Grow to purpose, grow together and grow individually. 

With my broad experience as a line manager, projectmanager, consultant, coach and trainer I have been there, dealt with it, nailed it and failed it but eitherway have learned from it to share with you.


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