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Interim Management

En Route we create the path to our destination

En Route we go

The point at the horizon is set, destination known. Of course we will look at the map. We will make sure our transportation is safe. But in the end it is the company we are with, the songs we sing and the experiences we share that bring us there.

About 15 years ago I was in my first professional leadership role. It was then and there where I experienced the power of trust, clarity and dignity. It took me a few years to recognize these as my personal values, to get grounded in my style and to own my superpowers. My experiences on this path made me the leader I am today, they made En Route.

Team climate

The teamspirit is off. It lacks energy, trust, or engagement. The team is stuck in their own setting and needs fresh air.

My talent is to see talent, to see systems and the gaps. My ability to empower people in a way they feel safe with liberates them to step out of their comfortzone. To stretch into the unknown and to find their potential. Both individually and as a team.


There is a lot of potential. However, it is necessary to decide on the next turn, or even to redefine the destination. 

My talent is to connect and be open without judgement. To get the whole system in the room. It creates an open space where we can find true added value and a clear vision of the direction we need to go, what we need to bring with us and what to let go off.  


The goal is clear,  the timeline is set. Now you need to get everybody on board and move ahead. In a way that lasts.

My talent is to get going, to deal with uncertainty and complexity in a strong yet flexible way. I will even the road so we all can be in our own driverseat.  Passengers on board are heard, seen and  activated. Together we will move onwards to the transformation that is needed.


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