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The people we meet En Route

Jackelien Barelds

brown eyes, curious, on the move

With a passion for people, for stories and for growth I love to go out on adventures and explore. I will ask you 'why'? I will hold space for you to find the answers and I will support you to create your powerpath. I will be firm, but gentle. I will challenge you, but we will laugh. You will be surprised, and inspired - by you.  

As a manager, a facilitator, a coach, but most importantly always as myself, I want to create a positive impact in the world by working with leaders and their organizations to unleash their potential.


See the whole person. See and hear regardless of position. Invite to give meaningfull involvement. Value autonomy. Move freely without fear of failure.
Be respectful.


Believe in the potential of everyone. See, listen and be there. Be genuinely interested in ideas and choices of others. Approach with open mind, heart and will. Empower.


Create meaning and understanding. Tie personal and organization purpose. Combine the 'why' to the 'what' and form the 'how' together.
Be honest.

Drop a line, let's connect.

I love a good cappuccino, or an energizing tea.

Most of all, I love to share stories and explore if we should join En Route.

Warm wishes,
Jackelien Barelds



Elst (Gld.)

06 143 78 110